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Is Hang Gliding physically demanding?

Virtually anyone can fly a Hang Glider. While flying does not require great strength, long duration flights in turbulent conditions require a moderate degree of upper body endurance. This typically develops as the pilot progresses through training to these longer flights.

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Do pilots need to be of a certain age?

Hang Glider pilots range in age from teens to octogenarians.

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Do pilots need to be licensed to fly Hang Gliders?

No. However, a program similar to FAA Licensing exists and is administered by the US Hang Gliding Association. This program consists of a specific set of flying skills corresponding to a series of pilot proficiency ratings, each of which carries a set of recommended operating limitations.

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How does a person learn to Hang Glide?

The time required for Hang Gliding training varies according to the student's talent and the training conditions. Typically, it takes from five to ten lessons to obtain each of the first two US Hang Gliding Association pilot ratings. At the end of this primary training process, the student is usually flying from moderate altitudes — several hundred to a few thousand feet — in relative mild conditions. Progression to more difficult flying conditions continues under the supervision of experienced instructors.

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